Day One

Content goes here Fluid trial will start unless other issues like recurrent vomiting. You will be given small amount of water, ( 20 mls) every hour for few hours. If tolerating well then you will be progressed to what we call clear fluid which involves:

  • Water
  • Juice
  • Black tea or coffee
  • Clear broth of meat or vegetable
  • Electrolyte drinks, PowerAde
  • Pretty much anything like water.

This phase will continue for about 5 days.

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Day Five

Shakes could be started if tolerated the previous stage. This includes:

  • Optifast shakes, up and go, any protein drinks.
  • Self made shakes, you could include milk.
  • You could blend any fruit and drink, which will provide you with enough vitamins.
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Week One

Start thin puree

  • Could have mixture of grains and vegetables.
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Week Two - Four

Slowly increase the consistency of the puree, adding meat as tolerated

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Week Five

Mashed / Soft food

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Week Six

Slowly move into normal food. Vitamins, some might need pre-operative replacement of some vitamins if lacking. Could start multivitamin tablet three and onward post surgery. Immediately post-surgery and especially in the first week, you shouldn’t worry much about vitamins. Could start dissolvable multivitamin in the first few weeks until able to swallow the large tablets. Our dietician and obesity physician will take you through recommended vitamin supplements.